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From health issues, to habit change, to better living, hypnosis is a proven tool for accessing your fullest potential.

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Do you need advice, education, and to learn new ways for reaching your highest level of living? Life-coaching is not for people with a diagnosis, rather it is for people who want to move to peak performance and have a helping guide along the way.

Online Hypnosis

I meet with people in my West Houston office, and I work with people online using web conferencing software. People sometime think it is amazing that we can do hypnosis online, but many find it more comfortable to be at home.

Goal Achievement

What do you really want to accomplish? Do you want higher levels of motivation, or to solve a problem, or break a habit? Hypnosis is a proven  way of making real change.  Some of the most frequent types of services provided are below:

Public speaking and confidence.
Surgical preparation and recovery.
Overcome fears and limiting beliefs.
Test-taking anxiety and memory recall.
Managing stress and difficult emotions.
Stop smoking hypnosis.
Weight Loss Hypnosis
Better Sleep and rest.
Moving past trauma.
Overcoming anything!

Laura Davison, LPC

A skilled, trained, and qualified professional hypnotist. Laura is an expert in helping people make change, recover from medical issues, and feel better in the present moment.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Laura can integrate mental health needs with both medical treatment and professional hypnosis.

Experienced West Houston Hypnotist

Her experience with a wide variety of individual, couple, and community groups means that you will be gaining the collective wisdom she has gained.

Resources for Success

Laura is an expert in teaching the skills of self-hypnosis, and can connect you with resources within yourself, within your community, and through the applications of professional hypnosis.

West Houston Hypnosis

I work with couples to help them live their dreams! 

Couples can use subconscious communication and hypnosis as a tool to live in rapport. This is a key for moving to the highest levels of working together. I help couples stop smoking together, lose weight together, enhance intimacy, or make changes as a couple.

I  work with all couples without bias, to help couples live their best lives.

West Houston Hypnosis is your resource for medical hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis works to help people live their best life, change habits, and recover faster.

"Moreover, hypnosis efficacy is well established in certain clinical applications, especially pain management and other medical conditions, and there is acceptable evidence of its efficacy in treating depression, sleep disorders, smoking cessation, obesity, asthma, and enuresis in children." (Mendoza & Capafons, 2009)

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Working with Couples

Couple communication can be enhanced by learning about the subconscious and emotional aspects of communication.

Cancer Patients

Learn how to control anxiety, manage pain, deal with treatment side effects, and enhance outcomes.

Functional Pain

One of the most researched backed approaches to professional hypnosis is pain control Have you tried everything? Hypnosis may be your best answer.

Functional Pain

One of the most researched backed approaches to professional hypnosis is pain control. Have you tried everything? Hypnosis may be your best answer.

Medical Anxiety

The techniques of self-hypnosis, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy can stop anxiety, panic, and distress.

I.B.S. & Autoimmune 

You do not have to live with unpredictable misery. Hypnosis is a popular method for alleviating distress.

West Houston Hypnosis

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Get the guide many others have benefitted from that teaches you a basic strategy in self-hypnosis.

Learn how to create calm right now, use visualization and focus to improve your mood, and start benefitting from hypnosis right now - even before your first session!

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