Professional Hypnosis is a Research Backed Tool to Help Those with Cancer

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 Chemotherapy patients had less anticipatory and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. And feeling better, is the first step in recovery!

Richardson, J., Smith, J., Mccall, G., Richardson, A., Pilkington, K., & Kirsch, I. (2007). Hypnosis for nausea and vomiting in cancer chemotherapy: A systematic review of the research evidence.

Breast Cancer

Improves wound healing: During surgery, hypnosis may be applied to limit immunosuppression, while, in the postoperative period, it can reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue and improve wound healing.

Potié, A., Roelants, F., Pospiech, A., Momeni, M., & Watremez, C. (2016). Hypnosis in the Perioperative Management of Breast Cancer Surgery: Clinical Benefits and Potential Implications. Anesthesiology Research and Practice, 2016, 1-8.


  Fatigue in cancer patients: Results: Multilevel modeling indicated that for weekly FACIT fatigue data, there was a significant effect of the CBTH intervention on the rate of change in fatigue (p < .05), such that on average, CBTH participants’ fatigue did not increase over the course of treatment, whereas control group participants’ fatigue increased linearly.

Fatigue during breast cancer radiotherapy: An initial randomized study of cognitive–behavioral therapy plus hypnosis. Montgomery, Guy H.; Kangas, Maria; David, Daniel; Hallquist, Michael N.; Green, Sheryl; Bovbjerg, Dana H.; Schnur, Julie B. Health Psychology, Vol 28(3), May 2009, 317-322

How can hypnosis help me?
My diagnosis is REAL!

It may seem amazing that hypnosis can be an effective tool in battling cancer, but the facts are in, and from dealing with negative side-effects, to recovering from surgery, to handling the emotional aspects of illness, hypnosis works. 

A Gift to Yourself: 

Learning hypnosis is a gift to yourself that will transcend your illness and help you in every aspect of life. Hypnosis is not a magic cure-all, and is used to support your physician recommended treatments. But it is a research backed-tool that can help you with your full recover.

Laura Davison, LPC

Certified Professional Hypnotist

I am a medical hypnotherapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a compassionate guide through treatment of cancer. Together we can create interventions to support your recovery in both mindset and body. The research is in! Hypnotherapy has many applications in in cancer treatment and I can help you discover the methods that will help you the most.

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